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A New Hope

My last personal blog post was written on March 7th, 2015. Over a year ago. I made an attempt to write more but that didn’t happen, at least not for my personal blog.

That blog post mentioned how I had written one blog post, how I was in the middle of writing two more, and how I was not too happy then.

It’s been a year and so much has changed. I have written seven blog posts for, two on running and five on coding; I have grown as a runner in 2015 and in the past three months of 2016; I ran the LA Marathon in February; I went to San Francisco last week to attend O'Reilly Fluent Conference; I just went on a date with my mom to see On Your Feet!; I have met so many other runners who motivate me; I’ve helped my dad get on a running agenda and will race his first half marathon at the NYRR NYC Half and possibly run the Queens Marathon; and I am happy.

More biking, running, and coding.