Coding and Running

Hackathons and Marathons


I’m a front-end developer at the New York Public Library in the Digital Experience department. My current projects focus on using Node.js and React, but Rails, Angularjs, and Drupal are also in the mix sometimes.

When not sitting or standing in front of a computer I enjoy reading, eating, saying I’m going to learn how to cook, cycling, and running. My friends and I co-founded Queens Distance Runners and I began to get serious about running about three years ago. My current goals include getting faster at short distances, and a better marathon time. My future goals include running 100 mile ultramarathons, and triathlons.

Personal Bests

  • 1 mile - 4:56 at NYRR 5th Avenue Mile 2016
  • 5K - 17:25 at NYRR Percy Sutton 2017
  • 10K - 36:34 at NYRR Scotland Run 10K 2016
  • Half Marathon - 1:19:58 at NYRR United Airlines NYC Half 2016
  • Marathon - 2:58:05 at Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2016
  • 60K - 4:37:41 at the NYRR NYC 60K 2015 and 6th place overall

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