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Hackathons and Marathons

NYC Half - New Course, New Age Group, New PR

There were only two races in the first quarter of 2018 that I had on my calendar: the Washington Heights 5K and the NYC Half. Since January, it’s only been about training and patiently waiting one week at a time. I did race at the Armory in January, actually, but they were more like workouts rather than goal races. For the Washington Heights 5K and the NYC Half, I was filled with anxiety leading up to the races but it was time to remove the mental roadblocks and run hard.

Five Years at NYPL

It’s difficult to discuss the vicissitudes of working at The New York Public Library. There are many amazing projects and services that NYPL provides to New Yorkers and researchers all over the world. But, there are difficulties in getting said projects completed and frustrations with the workplace that impede productivity. In any case, the past five years have been personally and professionally fulfilling and I hope to further grow in the years to come.

2017 Fall Marathons Recap


I was 17 miles into the Chicago Marathon when I panicked. I was cruising miles 11 through 15 at low 6:20s pace per mile, just barely reaching into the marathon goal pace of 6:17 pace per mile. Suddenly, I felt an intense pain in my left abdomen. I’ve felt this pain before when I tried to race, mostly untrained and recovering from an injury, at the 2016 Brooklyn Half. I was forced to stop and walk the pain away. Naturally, I didn’t want that to happen again during this marathon, so I panicked.

2016 NYC Marathon: Still Trying to Find Myself

It’s been close to two weeks after the NYC marathon and I still don’t know how to put everything that has happened into words. The feelings of pride, happiness, sadness, determination, and emptiness still lingers. The love outweighs the negativity but I can’t help and feel slightly upset about how this training cycle concluded. Lots of factors went into the back-to-back Chicago and NYC marathon races and I can only learn from the experience.

Chicago Marathon Love

I’m overwhelmed and my heart is beginning to race as the plane prepares to take off. I then grin as I see my siblings' excited and nervous faces as we lift off; and with that we are off to Chicago! I went to Chicago for the marathon and came back with a new marathon personal best. Best of all, my teammates and siblings were there to enjoy the city of Chicago and our journey to another 26.2 mile race.

Four: Fifty Six

The past few months have been crazy and I’m still trying to process and understand it all. I will write another blog post to try and summarize the past few months, but for now I’ll discuss the four minutes and fifty six seconds I spent becoming someone new at the NYRR New Balance 5th Ave Mile.

Scotland Run 10K and Youth Race

Another race, another personal best record broken. To be fair, I don’t race too many 10Ks and the last one before the Scotland Run was in July of 2015. With all the training I’ve done and my performances at the Washington Heights 5K and NYC Half, I expected good results. Of course, anything can happen during a race and this was race was no exception.

The NYRR Scotland Run 10K was the second club points race of the year and both our men’s and women’s competitive teams were already off to a great start. After the first club points race the men’s team placed 8th in the A division, the women’s team placed 4th in the B division, and both teams were hungry for more.

NYC Half and Another Milestone

It’s 4:55 AM on a cold Sunday morning as I excitedly get ready for the NYRR United Airlines NYC Half. The prospect of having a great race made me nervous the whole morning and I couldn’t keep my thoughts at bay. My father, who was about to tackle his first half marathon, and I get ready and leave, slowly running to the train station. As we exit the 59th St. station in Manhattan, the cold air sets a somber tone for the next few minutes until we meet other teammates. As we huddle together to stay warm we talk about our goals, how nervous we are, and how cold it is. It could’ve been the pre-race jitters but I was shivering quite a lot, so much that I was afraid I might have been underprepared for this race.

As it turned out, after warming up for a bit and focusing on the race to come, everything calmed down. I sort of knew what I wanted to hit but I wasn’t sure if I could it hit. This is not to say that I wasn’t confident, but I did not feel like I was in the same shape I was back in October when I hit 1:20:25 for the Grete’s Great Gallop half marathon. My goals consisted of first sub 1:21:00 and second sub 1:20:30, but Kevin (friend and coach) knew I could potentially hit sub 1:20:00 from the results of the workouts leading up to this race. It’s also worth noting that I’m focusing on 5K training and that I didn’t really consider this race as a goal race. Weeks ago I wanted to use this race to evaluate where I am in my training and fitness, but it turned out so much better than that.

A New Hope

My last personal blog post was written on March 7th, 2015. Over a year ago. I made an attempt to write more but that didn’t happen, at least not for my personal blog.

That blog post mentioned how I had written one blog post, how I was in the middle of writing two more, and how I was not too happy then.

It’s been a year and so much has changed. I have written seven blog posts for, two on running and five on coding; I have grown as a runner in 2015 and in the past three months of 2016; I ran the LA Marathon in February; I went to San Francisco last week to attend O'Reilly Fluent Conference; I just went on a date with my mom to see On Your Feet!; I have met so many other runners who motivate me; I’ve helped my dad get on a running agenda and will race his first half marathon at the NYRR NYC Half and possibly run the Queens Marathon; and I am happy.

More biking, running, and coding.